We created the Breadwinner Big Brothers foundation for the purpose of serving our communities in any way possible. We want to do our part in creating brighter futures for those who may feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Our non-profit organization is different from others. Our Big Brothers & Sisters are in many ways rescuers similar to fight fighters. When we are called upon , we do what we can to help in any situation to the best of our abilities. Although the breadwinners are on stand by for anything we may be called upon , Our primary focuses are:


  • Motivational Speaking 

  • Mentoring at risk youth 

  • raising funds for our quarterly scholarships 

  • Producing FREE highlight films for young athletes who may not be able to afford the video production to make quality film for submissions to college athletic programs. 

  • Provide gifts to underprivileged children and teens during the holidays.

  • Offer career advice with insights from experts. 

  • Provide food , clothing , and toiletries to the homeless 

  • provide FREE grooming for the homeless and discounted grooming for low income families. 

  • Resume writing 

  • Job Interview preparation support 

  • Tutoring  AND MORE!

  • Below you will find the information about our #BOXDONTKILL project which will be our largest project to day! You can visit this website weekly to see what we are doing in the communities as well as follow the progress and status of our projects. Here you will also find links to support and donate funds , clothing , toy and food drop off locations , pics and videos from pervious charitable efforts , AND MORE! We encourage you to join the Breadwinner Family and to not only support our great music , movies ,and merchandise but also our efforts to change the world. Thank you in advance and welcome to the family. 

"You Can't Pull a knife or fire a weapon with boxing gloves on. "

James MCcall

Killeen, Tx

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#BOXDONTKILL is a concept created by rapper/ceo C.Stone with hopes of lowering homicides and gun violence nation wide starting in Texas.  

"I come from an era where if you had a problem with someone you simply fought and got it over with, then go on with your day" These days it appears that the youngsters are quicker to pull a trigger than ever and its time we do something about it. 


What will our #BOXDONTKILL project do ? 

  • Give individuals another outlet for releasing aggression 

  • Provide professional level boxing training 

  • Provide jobs , Internships , and community service hours for convicted felons 

  • Teach The sport of boxing 

  • Keep at risk youth out of the streets 

  • Produce Prospects and give them a shot at a professional boxing career

  • provide  personal training for individuals  who are overweight and at risk of high blood pressure , diabetes , and more. 

  • Our gym(s) will also serve as a headquarters and multimedia studio to teach individuals 

  1. Event Production 

  2. Film 

  3. Graphic Design 

  4. Marketing & Promotions 

  5. Sales & Accounting 

  6. Music Production 

  7. How To Be a Dj 

Our Goal is to host One amateur Show per year completely planned , promoted , and ran by our students. 


Top 10 Benefits to Boxing

  • Fat Burning. Boxing can easily burn as much as 500 calories per session. ... 

  • Increased Muscle Tone. ... 

  • Build Strong Bones and Ligaments. ... 

  • Increased Cardiovascular Fitness. ... 

  • Improved Muscular Endurance. ... 

  • Improved Core Stability. ... 

  • Improved Strength and Power. ... 

  • Stress Relief.


How will this work? 


Using our relationships with world champion boxers such as Danny Garcia , Adrien Broner , Deontay Wilder , Ricky Lopez , Robert Easter Jr.  and more , we will create awareness of the project and attract other gyms nationwide to support the project and implement our program.  Our first task is to raise the funds to build our first two gyms. One gym in Houston , Tx and another in Killeen , TX 

We will raise the funds via this webpage. Once we build out the gyms we will start the hiring process and seeking of volunteers to help manage the gym , train & teach the students , and participate in the program wherever else is needed. 


Our Goals:

Our goals are to provide a competitive way  for individuals to release aggression and keep them out of the streets. We believe that after a year of our program's existence , we should see a significant decrease in violent crimes. Our initial Capital Goal is $110,000.00 and we hope to raise this amount  in a year or less. 

All Funds we collect are used to help save and improve lives in Killeen and Houston , Texas & Beyond! Contact us to receive information on applying to receive assistance 

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